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The FitProCo wouldn't be where it is today without the incredible students we've been lucky enough to have learning from us and growing alongside us

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"The FitProCo gave me an opportunity to grow personally and to explore what’s truly possible professionally."

The support from the community and community from the group was amazing and Rachael shows her care and attention through each call to guide you where you are in your journey. I hesitated at first to sign up because I didn’t have a virtual brand and business but I am SO glad I decided to sign up and invest in myself. I now have so many amazing tools and action steps to launch my business. Take the leap and sign up– the FitProCo is just the beginning of the great things that will come your way! Melu I SoulCycle instructor

"I have DOUBLED what I was making in my business before joining the FitProCo in only 4 weeks."

I signed up for the FitProCo because I had seen what Rachael had created for herself and knew that it was exactly that evolution I wanted and needed. Investing in myself was scary and unknown, and what I have gained in return is not only a financial return, but a boost in my confidence that I not only CAN do this, but SHOULD be doing this. The program made it super easy for me to connect and collaborate with my fellow fit pros without feeling like we were competing against each other. My energy exchange rate has grown exponentially. I am now charging what I am worth and feel respected and trusted that I deliver a product, knowledge and character that matches that value. Ryan I ThRYve Fitness + SoulCycle instructor in Chicago

"The shifts that have been happening within my personal and professional life due to the FitProCo are shocking!"

I think any fitness professional would be extremely lucky to have the experience of being in this program. Rachael is an extremely supportive and motivating person and each guest coach was so helpful. I feel so much more confident about having an online business and running my social media. The FitProCo gave me the tools and confidence to launch a 7-day virtual challenge, something I never thought I’d be able to do! I honestly didn’t want the program to end. Rue I Personal trainer in Beirut, Lebanon

"Damn am I happy I made the jump because the tiny adjustments i’ve made over the last few weeks have been MONUMENTAL."

During the calls I feel connected and nurtured. And after the calls, I feel ambitious and inspired. I was surprised with how genuine everyone in my group was. I truly believe Rachael attracts in extremely supportive and down to earth humans which truly made such a difference. After going through the FITPROCO I have noticed so many shifts including my ability to manage my time effectively and plan for the future, both of which are essential to my business. I Dana Spitz | Yoga + Spin Instructor

This program will give you more than just business success, it will give you a belief and a confidence that you didn’t know was there.

Before the FitProCo, I was feeling lost, without purpose, and unmotivated in my professional life. I was seeking both a community and a mentor and truly found that inside the FitProCo.  I now feel READY TO CONQUER THE WORLD! I’m grounded, more confident in who I am, and I know what I want in this life. Being a part of this program felt like a family. Our company has grown emotionally, spiritually, and financially and my mindset has shifted so much about myself and my business. Want to feel like you have gained a clear sense of purpose in the work you do? Then say ‘Hell yes!’ to the FIT PRO CO!  Paris + Liam I POD training

"If you are ready to actually do this and put in this work. INVEST IN YOURSELF! This course will give you everything you need and so much support from Rachael."

Rachael was SO engaged in my growth, her coaching and our calls throughout the entire program. It truly was such an inspirational journey and I loved the chance to connect with the other students in my group. I looked forward to each and every call and didn’t want them to end. Since the FitProCo, I’ve been able to step into my value and up my rates and I am registering my LLC– I’m no longer hiding anymore.  Dylan I SOUL DIVERS

"I am so glad I took the leap!"

The idea of spending money and investing in myself is still new and so foreign so it required some consideration, but after being in the program, I am so thankful I signed up! The FitProCo allowed me to be immersed in a group of like minded individuals who support, inspire, and believe in each other and gave me a space for growth while reminding me of my worth. I learned to see and believe in the value of my time and energy and I’m now open to abundance. Rachael was truly invested in each of us, pushing us but holding our hands the entire way!  Jeff I Barry’s + Yoga instructor + Personal Trainer