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Are you looking for a way to step into a (w)holistic movement practice? If so- you’re in the right place.



 I want you to feel empowered in your training of your body, mind, and spirit AND like you have a coach who understands your cyclical nature, will honor and celebrate your unique needs, and support you in implementing your goals in all aspects of your life- starting with our sessions together!

This one on one training is something that I imagine breaks the traditional narratives of what one on one training is

When you show up to sessions it’s comfy clothes prepared to move, grove, and meditate together. With the understanding that your body is going to flux and flow- and so is your mindset and energy. And we will honor that. That is what this training is here to provide you.

We are cyclical beings not meant to go 100% 24/7 and I want you to know that this new one on one training is built and designed to work with YOUR life and to make sure you don’t feel like “oh shit i have another thing on my list”

I really built this for my clients who are experiencing a lull in their movement routine and have a desire to support their own cyclical-ness with liberated, intuitive, and inspiring workouts. I’ve realized over the past 10 years in the industry that I LOVE working with clients on an individual basis but haven’t ever found something that gets me hyped… until now. Through my own exploration of working with meditation and movement, using music as medicine, and honoring our unique needs on a daily basis (like some days we DON’T want to do a single plank or jumping jack but still wanna move a bit ya know!?) I have decided to bring this offer to light the past few months and have been working in this way with a handful of clients.

This new offer gives you a way to take power over your routine and human-ness and if you are interested in learning more- all the info is below and I share even more in this loom video here.

The way it works:

I’ve created this new offer for folks who:

  • Want to move and meditate from the comfort of their own home or while traveling
  • Want to deeply connect with their inner voice, intuition, and energetic abilities
  • Want to meet live on zoom up to 1-3 times a week for 45 minute sessions
  • Want a movement practice with a trainer who teaches everything on and off bike, low and high impact, with and without equipment, with a focus on numbers AND feelings
  • Want to learn more about intuition meditation
  • Want to get more grounded in their day to day AND workout routine
  • Want to live a little more cyclically and want a trainer who curates individualized workouts that aren’t just new “programed workouts” each session but intentionally DIFFERENT types of movement or stretching or meditation each time we meet depending on their needs 
  • Want to connect outside of sessions with accountability and energetic support via voxer
  • Want to work one on one OR have a small group of friends or one other person to do this work with
  • Want the convenience of a trainer in your pocket and to fit in your workout/movement session in the middle of your work day and have it be in flow with where you are at in life
  • Want customized playlists/vibes and a trainer who meditates before each session to intuit a bit more about what your needs are spiritually for our sessions

  • I message you a check in the day before to check in on where you are at in your cycle (its okay if you dont track it or are not a menstruator!) or just energetically within your week/month.
  • I meditate before our sessions on what you might be needing energetically and have a movement plan and playlist designed to support you
  • You have access to me on an app called ‘Voxer’ Monday-Fridays to chat/text/voice memo about anything 
  • We book out a month ahead of time and you can reschedule within 48 hours for anything in the next 2 weeks if needed (with adjustments based on other specific circumstances of course)
  • We can meet as much as 3x a week and as little as 1x every other week
  • You can choose to not have these be private sessions and instead have them be group sessions that you split with people YOU organize it with


Packages are meant to support your growth and the depth of the work together and save you $$$$.

When I work with clients more long term they have the option to choose 45 minute sessions or 30 minute sessions.

In one to two 30 minute sessions per week for 3-6 months clients report feeling the most energized, meeting their goals mentally and physically, and our trainer-client relationship builds so that movement and workouts become even more customized and supportive to every aspect of your life!

30 minute session packages Monday-Fridays

$600 for 8 sessions ($75/session)

$900 for 12 sessions ($75/session)

$1200 for 16 sessions ($75/session)

45 minute session packages Monday-Fridays

$720 for 8 sessions ($90/session)

$1080 for 12 sessions ($90/session)

$1440 for 16 sessions ($90/session)


  • Your trainer doing a pre session meditation to intuit spiritual needs
  • Customized playlists and movement flows/workouts EVERY.SINGLE.TIME
  • Unlimited Voxer support M-F
  • A check in 24 hours before each session to discuss cycle, needs, and overall desires for the session the next day- energetically and physically so that our time together truly matches your needs
  • 30 or 45 minute workout
  • The ability to reschedule within 48 hours and to rebook within 2 weeks (circumstance specific of course)

(because we do not have to move *at all* if that’s not what you’re interested in. if you want more clear life coaching or business coaching though, lmk as that’s a whole other convo!)

  • Energetic healings using intuition medicine (cleaning chakras, auras, creating boundaries, cutting cords, etc)
  • Discussing and creating customized protocols for ways to stay grounded all day and energetically maneuver in the world, honoring grief and all the feelings that might be coming up around being a human right now or if you’re experiencing pet loss (my speciality)

Other things we can dive into in our time together:

My hope for this offer is that it makes its way and feels aligned to an individual who wants to break out of the ways that our society has taught us to feel about movement and being cyclical beings. I would ideally love to work with someone who is new to cycle synching (again, not a requirement to even be a menstruator!) and who believes that magic is real and who also likes to move and groove to fun music. It would be so fun to work with someone on honoring their own needs in their body and have some sessions be fun/hard work outs and others be meditation sessions on chakra clearing or honing their own intuition. Even though I have a vision for why this offer needs to be birthed I also have no expectations I promise, and I look forward to connecting with you if it feels aligned and to co-create something TOGETHER.


Just shoot me an email or DM saying that you’re interested and I will get you ALL you need to snag your spot! You can also let me know which option you want and which payment plan you need and we can chat times/availability before you fully commit and start as soon as the next week!