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Are you ready to shift the ways in which you show up for yourself, your loved ones, and your life!?




A customized 3 month one on one intuition, wellness, and life mentorship


Get ready to expanded of life's possibilities and your own purpose. Using Intuition Medicine® we will get you to feel like the best version of yourself in mind, body, and spirit to go out there and navigate this crazy thing called life. 

We also can use cycle synching and microdosing to assist our time together. Both are optional. But fun additions ;)

If you are interested in working together in this capacity you can either send me an email or DM on instagram OR you can book a free 30 minute *vibe check* call using my booking link HERE.


• 3 or 6 months of one-on-one support- you can choose to do calls together weekly or biweekly 

• Trauma informed coaching rooted in Intuition Medicine®. 

• Access to connect with me on an app called ‘voxer’ to connect with me (like texting/voice notes) to continue to be supported between our calls. 


Working together in mentorship is such an honor for me and I take pride in getting to know you, your needs, and helping you grow inside and out. 

To work together for 3 months at a time MEETING WEEKLY:

$2,000 paid in full
$666.66/month for 3 months

To work together for 3 months MEETING BIWEEKLY:

$1,500 paid in full
$500/month for 3 months

We can customize any and all payment plans


You can either shoot me a DM on instagram @rachaelbr00ke -send me an email @, OR book a  free vibe check call to connect! I will send you an email after hearing from you and we will set up a time to connect face to face ish on zoom!

Once you express interest we will chat availability, meet up before if you want on zoom for a free 30 minute vibe check, set up a payment plan or secure your payment- and begin our work together!!

Working with Rachael helped me awaken to my true self and helped me become more grounded and confident. 

Throughout our time together I felt very motivated to make changes that will improve my health. I am much less anxious than I was before and I feel like I’ve grown so much more than I thought I could. I feel confident in saying that working with Rachael is the springboard I needed to take things to the next level"

My favorite part about being a coach, creator, artist, healer, and entrepreneur is that I don't need to fit into any box. And neither does your work, your healing or how we work together.

If you're thinking we might be a good fit and want to know a bit more about me- here goes:

I started having panic attacks when I was 12. After years being addicted to klonopin and hitting my rock bottom- I found plant medicine, meditation, and movement- and my world has forever been changed.

Before all that I was a professional dancer in NYC who got injured.  

Then I was an instructor for SoulCycle and Barry's for 7 years pre 2020. I let my ego lead the way and while I appeared happy on the outside, I was breaking on the inside.

March 2020 gave me everything I didn't know I needed. Time alone with my 2 cats, time with myself, and time to create online businesses. I took my precocious inner child and took all the risks and created a successful digital studio. Teaching fuels me, but next thing I knew I was teaching others how to build businesses. 

My cats both died within a few months while I was in school in 2021 getting my Masters in Intuition Medicine®. A year of deep grief work for myself and next thing I knew I'm supporting thousands in their own grief associated with pet loss. Turns out it's truly a part of what I was put on this earth to do. It's my greatest honor to help animals transition and their human's meet with grief.

And lastly- throughout all of this I've been exploring work with plant medicine and supporting curious souls with that as well.

This is where I am at today. I am excited to explore life more and see where I go next. I am endlessly grateful to my mentors, coaches, and teachers over the years who have guided me here and who have trained me to offer the ways of support I do now. I believe that we co-create our experience together and what you need is so unique that I can't even begin to try to niche it down in to words to try to sell you ways to work with me online. All I can say is if you think we're a fit- reach out. And if I don't think we are- I'll send you to someone I trust and love. Hope to connect soon :)

Hey I’m Rachael!